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Hialeah home is dedicated to providing home for low income households Affordable decent housing and also safe. The Housing Authority will focus on consumers with a degree of professionalism, genuine, and professionally. From the calendar year 1967 Hialeah City Council adopted a resolution number 2728. Based Hialeah Housing Authority, city of Hialeah, a freelance mediation professionally organized and existing based on Florida exemptions 421.

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Section 8 HCV program allows the holder of this voucher to rent a unit of Their choice which accepts the voucher program and also meet with the physical conditions and guidelines for rent, including apartments and individual homes. Program participants cover 30% of their monthly income of the ladder toward Rent, and the remainder is paid to the master by a housing authority that manages the entire household a voucher. After a yearlong lease, coupon holders can move their additional coupon Housing Authority, as long as certain guidelines are met.

The filing of a request for application

  • Allow people On low incomes to apply for housing together with the Housing Authority of Hialeah
  • Section 8 housing choice Voucher (HCV) program is the Most Well-known and sought after after. There are a lot more than 2,400 public housing bureaus and often called the housing authority administers the section HCV program.
  • Hialeah home Supplies a roof over the minds of most individuals on low incomes and Is found inside the South Florida heat and humid at the city of Hialeah. You will find 1,100 home units and 4,500 section 8 housing choice vouchers for the less fortunate.
  • Questions Regarding housing authority website Hialeah could contact to telephone 305-888-9744 or 305-887-2525

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  • 305-888-9744