Summer Camp Card Programs at (Update 2019)


About Boy Scouts Promote


Boy Scouts promote $5 cards just for Camp and also includes 2, one time use, break the tab. This Tab Offers a Set of the net for discounts on food, services, shopping, and Entertainment to permit the client to make use of the entire each season whilst camping. Every ticket offered community Offers assistance outreach and particular programs. Even the Scottish Kids camp cards Might Have the Ability to pay for itself several Times can be used properly and each card will demonstrate the title of the Board, the Board of mobile phone numbers and websites of this Council.

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How to Employ a Scout Camp of this card:

  • See promotional Cards outdated Scout camp site
  • Click and sign up With 6-digit entry code located at the rear of your card
  • Download the cellular Application Circle card and start saving now

This card users can Expect to store ranging from 10% to 50 % when eatingshopping, Traveling, see movies or will appeal such as parks or even bowling. Please Be aware that the promotional package to get additional details.

Scout camp card Format

Each card provides 3. Times provides 3 coupon code which can be separated out of several cards use an excellent Supply into the end of the year. The consumer will input the code number on the card To their own camp after buying and see, set their Accounts, and start saving! The accounts is triggered until the end of the season. Users download the application to their smartphones in Addition to direct Quotes From and redeem their phones from anywhere in the united states!

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Returns an extra card

The device can reunite unsold cards. Returns are due to the service centre or Mechanicsburg York if Their obligations are made at the end of May. The card needs to be in the condition of Complete (you can find tabs removed, etc.). The device is responsible for every card Damaged or not returned with the deadline. The unit can continue to market the Cards sold them after they have settled their bills together with the Board, as long as They understand they cannot yield such a thing after the deadline for the payment.